DAMAR Kimya Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret AŞ: DAMAR is an Istanbul based R&D, consulting and coordination company. It has signed agreements with 6 universities, including one not based in the Republic of Turkey. It currently collaborates with 10 universities in total. The aim of DAMAR is to form partnerships between universities, the state and commercial entities to transfer innovation and expertise from universities to industry and to communicate the needs of industry back to the academic realm.  As a group, DAMAR has supported the formation of three companies and acquired or oversees two more. In total DAMAR operates or oversees 5 companies doing R&D and business in the fields of aero-gel, activated carbon, enzymes, biodegradable plastics, web/mobile software development, training, education, work health and safety services, trade and marketing, consulting and coordination.  The group has recently secured funding from the Republic of Turkey for 4 projects in the fields of enzymes, biofuels, biodegradable plastics and biotechnology.

Ulysses will support DAMAR in advising affiliated Turkish companies, providing complementary expertise and resources as appropriate.  Each party will add further value via introductions to the other on behalf of entrepreneurs and emerging companies in in their network in Turkey. The underlying goal is to help launch innovation driven Turkish companies into the global marketplace and bring their medical products to those who need them.