Beginning in the late 1970s, Dr. Levey concieved the concept of the International Hospital as a greenfield development centred around a campus of medical excellence and partnered with a leading US or European medical school and its research base.  
The first to be developed was HealthCare International in Glasgow as a joint venture of Her Majesty's Government, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Harvard University and the University of Glasgow.  Before HCI, an international hospital of this kind and scale had never been conceived nor built.  The project required $400 million of funding and was in its day the largest start-up company in the history of the City of London.
As the first private academic hospital of its kind in the United Kingdom, a market which very much favoured public or private providers in the 1980s, the facility was eventually absorbed into the National Health Service and is today rated as one of the best tertiary care centres in the country.  It was built on-time and on-budget to a standard which remain current 25 years later.
The partners went on to advance, adapt and refine the international hospital concept, having founded Bio City Development Company in 2004 and laid the groundwork for Turkey's first tertiary paediatric hospital and surrounding science park.  A fully integrated tertiary care centre and bioscience park had never previously been proposed for the Republic of Turkey and the partners designed for the complex not only the clinical program but also the research program for the surrounding laboratory buildings.