The name "Ulysses" is a reference to the can-do spirit of Alfred Lord Tennyson's  poem  by the same name that also shares our values of experience and hard-won knowledge above all else. While not uniquely American as a mindset visionary 'can-do' scientific goals have often been associated with American leadership. It is no more a coincidence that the President who imagined that men could and should land on the moon also loved the poem; and that equal vision by a later generation cataysed the birth of the modern biotechnology industry. Our tag line from the poem, "To follow knowledge like a rising star" exemplifies this mindset.  Our traditional compass logo reinforces the point that while our goal is always to add maximum value for our life sciences clients, we are only guided by tried and tested knowledge and data rather than fashionable trends or a desire to please.  Finally, the segment of the Great Wave that tops each page is an allusion to the fact that life, and life-sciences ventures, are not without risk.  Should the oarsmen in the boat head straight towards the waves or change course?

In troubled waters it is best to be guided by a pair of sure hands on the tiller, hands steering a true course based on global experience and know-how.