The Ulysses Advisory Group LLP (“Ulysses” or “UAG”) is a consulting and strategic advisory firm founded in 2014. The current partners are, Jerry BalterDavis FarmerIşıl Güney, PhD, and Christopher C. Hentschel, PhD. All assignments are executed directly by the partners, with no subcontracting.

UAG works with research institutes, government entities and life sciences and healthcare companies, primarily to bring new technologies and products to emerging markets. Our expertise spans the profit to non-profit sectors as well as the increasingly important area of public-private partnerships. The five principals collectively have over 150 years of experience working with international medical companies and institutes.

The partners of The Ulysses Group have completed more than 100 technology licensing agreements with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as with universities and research centres.  Over the years, we have been employed by research centres and universities, including the MRC in the UK, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Oxford University, the University of Auckland, the University of Massachusetts and the Medical College of Virginia, to assist them with their licensing and business development activities.  We have served as technology licensing advisors to Hoffmann La Roche, BASF, Searle, Pfizer, Pharmacia and numerous biotechnology companies and have had transaction experience with most of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies.  In aggregate, the value of the companies we have formed and the deals we have executed can be measured in the billions of dollars.